Don’t put me in a box

Session Category :  Keynote 
October 21, 2016
09:00  -  09:45

Keynote 45 min

The impact of job-titles on agility
Outside of work we can have many labels. A single label can mean we are responsible for many diverse things. For example, as a parent we are also life-coaches, counsellors, tutors, entertainers, friends, chauffeurs, driving instructors, investors, cleaners, cooks, sports-coaches, law-enforcers and more.
Yet, as soon as we get to work we are put into much smaller boxes, labelled in a way that creates artificial boundaries around how we contribute to our teams. Is this because the depth of skill required to do our jobs makes it impossible to be anything other than this one thing? Or, could it be more for another reason? Could this reason be a fundamental impediment to the agility of our teams?

Session Category :  Keynote