Fragile Agile: coaching a tired team

Session Category :  Talk 
October 21, 2016
10:15  -  11:00

Talk 45 min

Virtually all Agile coaching techniques assume that people and teams are in normal physical and mental conditions. And even in such cases introducing the change is difficult and people tend to be resistant to change innovations. And what happens if the team you plan to coach or manage is tired, exhausted or even burned­out? Yes, this might happen because of an ineffective process and you expect that your suggestions will help, but in this state people are not able to hear and follow new ideas. General Agile coaching and facilitation techniques will not work on the tired team or even make things worse. There is a need develop a special set of actions, tailored to work with exhausted people. This includes approaches to project management and people motivation, choosing facilitation techniques that accommodate the level of team overwork. In this talk I will describe what changes when the team is tired, how to estimate the stage of exhaustion. We will discuss what needs to be modified in the coaching and facilitation techniques and in the Agile process that you as a coach or a scrum master can help your worn out team to transition into a better process and produce steady results.


Session Category :  Talk