Putting the ‘V’ back in MVP

Session Category :  Talk 
October 21, 2016
16:30  -  17:15

Talk 45 minĀ 

Lean Startup principles advocate a approach of building the simplest version of the product or service that you can and get in front of your target market group as fast as possible. Watch them use it. Listen to their feedback. Then improve or change. Most organisations when confronted with this approach understand the logic and benefits of an MVP. Why then, do so many struggle to execute successfully? This talk discusses the principles of MVPs and the diverse ways in which they can be executed, illustrating with case studies. It discusses the common barriers encountered within organisations when creating an MVP, and highlights how they can be overcome from the perspective of each key stakeholder group. Finally, drawing upon personal experience of working on agile projects within financial services, ecommerce and telecoms organisations, both large and small, explore the factors necessary for excellent MVP execution. Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the different types of MVP execution
  2. Hear real life examples of MVP successes and failures
  3. Understand the mindĀ­set of key stakeholder groups, why they struggle to support MVPs and how these barriers can be overcome
  4. Learn how successful teams practice MVP design and execution.


Session Category :  Talk