Remote working in an agile world

Session Category :  Talk 
October 21, 2016
14:15  -  15:00

Talk 45 min 

My experience of being a remote tester in an agile team Main statement: What does it mean to you/your colleagues/your company if you are a remote worker? How is it different to being an ‘office worker’? Let’s find out! Abstract Picture this! – I landed a job with a company and team that I had wanted for a long time. Everything was going to plan until after about a year when I faced relocating to a far off land due to personal reasons. Imagine having to give up a job that you love and believe is going to be good for your career progression. Imagine working for a company that’s so awesome that, when I told them I had to move, they offered me the chance to become a full time remote worker! This was about 2 years ago and I have been a full time remote worker since then. I have learnt a lot during this time and want to share my experiences with you. Geographical limitations no longer stop people from working on awesome teams, or stop companies recruiting the right testers for the job. There are huge benefits for the remote worker and the company alike. However, there are also drawbacks on both sides and remote working is not something to take lightly. To make remote working work there have to be changes made by the remote worker, the company and the colleagues who work in the office. I want to present what these changes could be and could potentially mean to you, and your team. Key points we will cover during the session:

  1. Interacting with immediate team and wider team
  2. Keeping the communication channel open, but avoiding noise
  3. Emotional impact of remoting and how to overcome this
  4. Setting up home working environment
  5. Changes to be made by ‘Office workers’


Session Category :  Talk