The Agile organisation

Session Category :  Talk 
October 21, 2016
15:30  -  16:15

Talk 45 min

Organisational agility is really tough to achieve but its benefits are immense. At Reed Online we are going through a period of rapid growth. We want an office that people love to work in, a place where they could be creative, have greater autonomy and a sense of purpose. Through high engagement, low turnover and aligning our values with agile and applying agile and lean principles and practices our business continues to see growth in a competitive marketplace. Having found alot of synergy with Spotify, Atlassian, Thoughtworks and having success in our software development teams we embarked on exploring how we could achieve organisational agility. Agile and in particular Scrum have been popular for a while now but how does an organisation gain the benefits of agility. How does Agile and its values and principles really have context outside of software? For the last 2 years we have been on a journey, a journey that is far from over, but is worth sharing on how Agile and in particular Lean is helping to make Reed Online a better place to work, finding creative ways to solve customer problems, producing more innovative products and more satisfied customers. This talk will look at how we structured our teams, how we are moving away from vanity metrics, how we utilise finance and marketing in our development teams. How our people team (HR) not only use Kanban to help prioritise work and to give visibility on progress but also how we apply group based interviews to ascertain an individual’s fit in a team, a collaborative, autonomous, real life problem solving, self organising scenario. Actually spending several hours with the teams you are applying to work with.


Session Category :  Talk