Time to Clean up the Product!

Session Category :  Talk 
October 21, 2016
11:15  -  12:00

Talk 45 min

This is a story of a product team who dared to challenge the habits of an organisation in order to optimise the long-term value of a product portfolio for their customers. The story begins when a product leader confronts with the reality of a slightly oversized portfolio of applications. While many of these applications and their features are still of a high demand, there are some which value seems to be less clear. The customers start questioning the quality of products. The team is chasing after the expectations and, what feels to be, a never-ending queue of bugs and support issues. Less and less time is available for a development of new features and products, while the ideas and requirements keep coming from a number of sources. An innovative spirit of the team is in danger. A major change is needed. It’s the time to take the whole organisation and customers on a journey to empower the inevitable decisions. The lessons learned from withdrawing digital pro ducts and features from a market.

Session Category :  Talk