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08:15Registration and Breakfast
09:00Don't put me in a box - Keynote - Antony Marcano
10:15Fragile Agile: Coaching a tired team - Anna ObukhovaKanban Metrices in Practice - Mattia BattistonDeath by User Stories - Jenny MartinYour Company Will Never Be Agile - David TanzerPractical Value Stream Mapping for Flow Optimisation part 1  (workshop) - Joe Schemetzer
11:15Listen With Your Eyes – Non-Verbal Communication for Agile Teams - Helene LisowskiAgile application development for cloud-native apps - Michael Hausenblas(CANCELED) damned lies and estimates - Maurizio PedrialeTime to Clean up the Product! - Monika TurskaPractical Value Stream Mapping for Flow Optimisation part 2  (workshop) - Joe Schmetzer
12:00Lunch Break
13:15Scrum vs ScrumAnd vs ScrumBut: which one are you doing? - Pedro Gustavo TorresTeal organisations: The next paradigm shift in recognising and handling complexity - Dean LatchanaToyota Kata Puzzle Experience part 1 - Hakan ForssGrowth Hacking for Product Managers - Andrea DarabosHow motivated is your team? Going beyond the traditional performance management  (workshop) - Jose Casal
14:15Punishment Driven Development - Louise ElliottRemote working in an agile world - Raji BhamidipatiToyota Kata Puzzle Experience part 2 - Hakan ForssThe Cost of Queues – Informed Decision Making Using Cost of Delay (workshop) - Andy Hiles James EnockLet's get Agile and Move!  (workshop) - Ryan Behrman
15:00Tea Break
15:30The most important things I have learnt this year - Simon PowersNever Develop Alone : always with a partner - Fakih HoussamThe Agile organisation - David LeachKam ZamanSponsor DemoLean Startup game part 1  (workshop) - Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse
16:30Putting the ‘V’ back in MVP - Ralf JefferyWhy too much choice is killing your company - Edward ScotcherThe making of a Lean Agile Coach  (workshop) - Luca Minudel Carlo BeschiSponsor DemoLean Startup game part 2  (workshop) - Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse
17:15Farwell drink